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Greg Kovacs - Colossus! Law of the Jungle Hardcore Training Video
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Duration: 37 mins
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Greg Kovacs - Colossus!
Law of the Jungle Hardcore Training Video

Colossus! Greg Kovacs Law of the Jungle hardcore training video. In Greg's training video, "Colossus", he shows much of his training regime along with sharing  some great diet information.
For the first time ever you get to follow the world's strongest and biggest bodybuilder, Greg Kovacs. Witness the Canadian Colossus shoulder press 500 lbs and bench press 600 lbs for reps. A 350 lbs of muscle, 25-inch arms, 35-inch legs, 70-inch chest, 700-lbs bench press, Canadian champion!

See Greg Kovacs go through a grueling and intense pound-for-pound workout. This video is unlike any video you've seen before. No simulations, no retakes, just actual footage of Kovacs mega training with super-heavy weights.
Witness the Canadian Colossus shoulder press 500 lbs and incline bench press 600 lbs for reps.  He also benches 585 for reps on the incline Smith machine.
Learn Kovacs' secrets of how he built his 350 lbs+ body, with 25" arms and here's your chance to experience the law of the jungle workout, hardcore training video - COLOSSUS!
From some back issues of FLEX magazine, we came across a report claiming these poundages:
" 675 pounds for 6 reps and regularly does 585 pounds for 10 reps, and other phenomenal training lifts include squats 750 pounds for 15 reps, 45 degree leg presses more than 2000 pounds for sets of 20 reps, seated military presses 405lbs for 12 reps and 495lbs for 5 reps, flat benches 495lbs for 12 reps, seated shoulder dumbell presses 12 reps with 200lbs, barbell rows 585 for 7 reps and DB curls with 120 lbs for 8 reps."

Greg was off to an early start, commencing training at the age of 17. He soon developed an amazing physique. In the off-season Greg consumed around 10,000 calories per day and when he was dieting for a show he would reduce them to 8,000. When the show was close, he would cut them down to 5,000 odd.

In my opinion, photos of Greg do not do him justice. When we stood beside him at FIBO in 1998 we were dwarfed by his size. In fact he looks much bigger and better in person than you will see in any magazine photo. It is without doubt that Greg Kovacs was one of biggest, strongest and most amazing pro bodybuilders of all time.

This video was produced and Distributed by MuscleTech.

Running time: 37 mins

FIBO ’98: Biceps Power - Where The Stars Gather FIBO ’98: Biceps Power - Where The Stars Gather  

If you love hard core bodybuilding posing action, then this DVD is a smorgasbord of guest posing. We have included four exciting interviews so that we could extend the production to 90 hard core minutes of the latest bodybuilding action. These interviews include Shawn Ray, Denise Masino, Shaun Davis and Stephan Corte. Stephan has made a remarkable comeback from cancer, and at this year's FIBO does a world record 100 squats with 100 Kg.
Also includes the amazing Greg Kovacs.

V-096DVD | $29.95


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