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2014 Arnold Strongman Classic
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Duration: 180 mins
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2014 Arnold Strongman Classic.


The 2014 IFBB Arnold Classic & Arnold Sports Festival are both Presented by Classic Productions. Celebrating the 26th Year of the Arnold Classic.

The Arnold Strongman Classic was part of the 2014 Arnold Sports Festival and the 26th Arnold Classic event. The first 4 events took place on Friday, February 28th at the Fitness Expo at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. The final event was staged at the Arnold Classic Finals on Saturday night, March 1st, at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium. This was the last time that the Arnold Classic and Strongman Finals will be staged at the Veterans Memorial.

Enjoy the complete coverage of this incredible display of skill and strength from Days 1 and 2.  This DVD covers every moment of each of the 5 events. You will see the world’s greatest Strongmen in action as they go head – to - head against each other in these unique challenges of strength, power, stamina and determination.
The events are designed to test brute strength and determine which competitor is the strongest man!

New world records were set, and the exciting final event, the CYR DUMBBELL LIFT, was held on the Veterans stage in front of a packed house. The popular winner, ZYDRUNAS SAVICKAS of Lithuania was presented his award by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I would like to specially thank my good friend and longtime helper at the Arnold Classic, JASON BREEZE for these wonderful strongman photos that appear on the cover and in the GALLERY.

See Zydrunas as he sets an amazing NEW WORLD RECORD of 524.22 kg/1155.70 lb. on the Hummer Tire Lift. (Pictured below)
See the Description of Events below.

The events held at the Expo stage were shot with standard definition cameras. The final event, the CYR DB LIFT, was shot with HD cameras at the Veterans Memorial stage.

(Seen in this order)
Arnold Schwarzenegger Lifetime Achievement Award, presented to JOHN BALIK of Iron Man magazine.  9.5 mins
International Sports Hall of Fame Awards - 39 mins
Pro Strongman Photo Gallery

Pro Strongman Event: 131.5 mins
Extras: 48.5 mins

Total Running Time: 180 mins

2014 Arnold Strongman Classic – Results

1. Zydrunas Savickas - Lithuania 44.5
2. Brian Shaw - USA 42.5         
3. Michael Burke - USA 35       
4. Vytautus Lalas - Lithuania 32
5. Hafthor Bjornsson - Iceland 26.5       
6. Jerry Pritchett - USA 25.5    
7. Mikhail Shivlykov - Russia    23       
8. Robert Oberst - USA 20       
9. Dimitar Savatinov - Bulgaria 16.5      
10. Kryzysztof Radzikowski - Poland 5.5 (Injured)


2014 Arnold Classic Pro Men: Arnold Classic, Arnold Classic 212 & Cyr Dumbbell Lift 2014 Arnold Classic Pro Men: Arnold Classic, Arnold Classic 212 & Cyr Dumbbell Lift  

Congratulations to DENNIS WOLF of Germany for his victory at the final Arnold event to be held at the historic Veterans Memorial Auditorium. It was an emotional and memorable occasion. USA’s Shawn Rhoden placed second with Cedric McMillan in 3rd place.

In the Arnold Classic 212 it was a titanic battle between Flex Lewis and David Henry with FLEX LEWIS emerging as the first ever winner of the Arnold Classic 212. The DVD presents the COMPLETE PREJUDGING & FINALS for both classes.

2014 Arnold Classic - The Women: Figure International, Fitness International & Bikini International 2014 Arnold Classic - The Women: Figure International, Fitness International & Bikini International  

Enjoy a packed DVD of approximately 3 HOURS from the Prejudging and Finals of the Arnold Classic Pro Women's Events. Plus a huge numbers of EXTRAS. This disc contains the COMPLETE PREJUDGING followed by the FINALS for each class, seen in this order: FIGURE, FITNESS & BIKINI.
Plus all awards and Arnold’s presentations to the winners from each of these events. The 3 International Winners were: Figure International: Candice Keene – USA, Fitness International: Oksana Grishina – Russia and Bikini International: Ashley Kaltwasser - USA.

2014 Arnold Classic on Blu-ray 2014 Arnold Classic on Blu-ray  

This is the Blu-ray version of the 26th Arnold Classic, held at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Columbus, Ohio on February 28th & March 1st, 2014. The inaugural Arnold 212 Prejudging was held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. It was won by Flex Lewis. The naming sponsor was Europa Sports Products. Congratulations to DENNIS WOLF of Germany for his victory at the final Arnold Classic event to be held at the historic Veterans Memorial Auditorium. It was an emotional and memorable occasion. USA’s Shawn Rhoden placed second with Cedric McMillan in 3rd place.

2014 Arnold Strongman Classic - Description of Events

The Austrian Oak.
From the Floor to Arms’ Length Overhead for Max Reps. Two logs are used. The Heavy Oak weighs approximately 200 kg/441 lbs; the Lighter Oak weighs approximately 172 kg/379 lbs. The log cannot be stood up on one end and rocked over onto the shoulders.
The “Oak” was designed and built by Steve Slater, a Co-director of the Arnold Strongman Classic, as a new challenge for the competitors and as a way to honor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has been called the Austrian Oak since his early days in bodybuilding.
The “Oak” must be returned to the floor on each repetition and it must be lifted to arms’ length and held on each rep until the referee gives the “Down!” signal. There will be a 90 second time limit.

The Bale Tote (Yoke).
This year the yoke weighs approximately 550 kilos/1223 lbs for the first of three heats. Each bale of cotton weighs over 400 lbs (182.5 kg. The yoke which will carry the cotton bales and any additional weight we need was designed and built by Ian Mclean of Rogue Fitness.
The men carry the yoke a very short distance (approximately 3 meters/10 feet) and each man must carry it the full distance on each attempt in order to qualify for the next heat. On the second attempt, up to 100 kg/220 lbs will be added to the yoke and each man who successfully carried the first weight will go in the same order and attempt to carry the heavier yoke the same distance.
The approximate weight of the yoke plus the two bales of cotton was 1325 lbs/603 kg. and this weight was used in the second heat. Anyone who failed to carry the yoke the full distance will not attempt the next weight but will be judged on how far he carried his last attempt. The first two heats must be completed within 30 seconds, but the men who have qualified for the third heat will be timed in that heat to determine the winner and the top finishers. Placements will be determined by a combination of distance and speed.

The Timber Carry.
This item was designed by Terry Todd, built by Hugo and Jonathan Hemme of Texas, and adapted through the years by Steve Slater. This year it weighed approximately 882 pounds (400 kg) and it was carried approximately 35 feet (9 meters) up the same ramp used in recent years.
No straps are allowed, and no sliding of the Frame is allowed. The bar can be dropped and picked back up again. Only chalk can be used to help the grip. The time limit is 30 seconds.

The Tire Deadlift.
One Rep Max, as done every year since 2003, when the ASC introduced this unique bar, which is approximately 14 feet long and uses as barbell plates up to eight Hummer Tires, each of which weighs approximately 110 pounds (50 kg). The bar was designed by Tom Lincir and built under his direction at the Ivanko Barbell Company.
The event is organized like a deadlift in a powerlifting contest, with a “rising bar” and three attempts for each man. Straps are allowed and so is “hitching,” but at the finish of the lift the body of the competitor must be fully erect. Time Limit of 30 seconds per attempt.

The Cyr Dumbbell—274 Pounds.
Louis Cyr was a famous French Canadian strongman with a career spanning the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He was a physical phenomenon. This year the Arnold Strongmen had an opportunity to test themselves against Cyr’s freakish strength. The replica of the Cyr Dumbbell was designed and built at Rogue Fitness, one of the major sponsors of the Arnold Strongman Classic.
Competitors have 1.5 minutes (90 seconds) from the time their name is announced and the whistle has blown to lift the DB from the floor to overhead, as many repetitions as possible. See Zydrunas in action right. Photo by Gallasch.

The 2014 IFBB Arnold Classic & Arnold Sports Festival are 
both Presented by Classic Productions
This Event is Officially Sanctioned
by the IFBB Professional League
International President
Rafael Santonja-Gomez
Jim Manion
Event Promoters
Jim Lorimer
Bob Lorimer
Classic Productions
Meet Director
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Lifetime Achievement Award
John Balik – Iron Man Magazine
Amateur Contests
Bob Lorimer
Mike Davies
Talent Expeditors
Jeff & Jeanne Lorimer
Expo Administrator
Lucy Pinney
Expo & Events Coordinator
Paul Nagle
Expo & Events Director
Kathy Nagle
Director of Communications
Brent LaLonde
Public Relations
Lorz Communications
Head Judge
Magnus Ver Magnusson

Head Judge’s Assistants
Odd Haugen
John D. Fair
Video footage
Columbus, Ohio
2014 Arnold Sports Festival
Crew List
Veteran’s Memorial
Event Producer
Shawn Loevenguth
Assistant Event Producer
Ruth Payne
Video Director
Tim Jarmain
Stage Managers
Adriana Berger
Carrie Chew
Maxine Mendelson
FOH Audio Engineer
Steve Jones
Audio Engineer
Scott Robinson
FOH Lighting Technician
Michael Hesmond
Lighting Technician
Nathan Martin
Tape Operator
James Lewis
Camera Operators
Ron Caruso
Randy Silcott
Eric Obert
Head Carpenter
Dave Steinmetz
Marce Righthouse
Set Design
Jocelyn McDaniel
Expo Stage
Site Supervisor
Anthony DeMeglio
Audio Technician
Gus Caulk
Lighting Technician
Jon Gillie
Video Director
Greg Rufus
Tape Operator
Jerry Jack
Camera Operators
Dmitriy Kotlar
Mike Dunn
General Technician
Kevin Brown
Expo Stage Camera -
Additional Footage
Wayne Gallasch
Masters of Ceremonies
Clint Richards
Terry Todd
Bill Kazmaier
Photography for DVD
Jason Breeze

Arnold Strongman Sponsors
Rogue Fitness
Presenting Sponsor
Europa Sports Products
Diamond Sponsors
Hollywood Casino Columbus
Muscle Pharm
Gold Sponsors
BPI Sports
Abbott Nutrition
Gaspari Nutrition
Better Bodies
Optimum Nutrition

GMV would like to thank:
Bob Lorimer
Brent LaLonde
Jerman Abney
Jason Breeze
Richard Barnet
DVD Produced by


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