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2016 Arnold Strongman Classic
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2016 Arnold Strongman Classic

The 28th Arnold Classic was held in Columbus, Ohio on March 3-6, 2016. This year’s event was held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center and the Battelle Grand Ballroom. The Presenting Sponsor for the whole event was Europa Sports Products and the Arnold Strongman Major Sponsor was MHP.

The Arnold Strongman Classic had the first 4 events staged at the Expo stage, and the final exciting event, The Timber Carry was held at the Battelle Grand Ballroom on Saturday night.


"Savickas Tops Shaw To Win Record 8th Arnold Strongman Classic!
The legendary Zydrunas Savickas of Lithuania won the Arnold Strongman Classic for the eighth time when he came from behind in the final event to beat Brian Shaw of USA by one point and win the 2016 Arnold Strongman Classic in dramatic fashion.

Savickas trailed Shaw 35-32 entering The Timber Carry, the contest’s final event. Savickas carried the 1,102-pound wooden frame up a 35-foot-ramp in 13.0 seconds, good for first place in the event and 10 points. Shaw got the frame up in 18.62 seconds but was fifth, giving Zavickas a 42-41 win.
Savickas received congratulations from Arnold Schwarzenegger, $72,000 and the Louis Cyr Trophy." See PHOTO BELOW.

Enjoy the full coverage of this incredible display of skill, power and strength. Split over two days, the competitors battled it out over five incredibly heavy and stressful events to see who would be the Arnold Strongman champion for 2016. This year is was ZYDRUNAS SAVICKAS prevailing by 1 point over defending champion Brian Shaw.


This DVD covers each of the 5 events which were as follows in this order:
1. The Rogue Elephant Bar Deadlift - won by Eddie Hall with a world record lift of 465 kg/1026 lbs. See PHOTO BELOW after record.
2. The Austrian Oak - won by Zydrunas Savickas
3. The Bale Tote - won by Brian Shaw
4. The Cyr Dumbbell - won by Brian Shaw
5. The Timber Carry - won by Zydrunas Savickas

More details on each of the 2016 Arnold Strongman Events:
1. The Rogue Elephant Bar Deadlift — One rep max, with three attempts for each competitor.

2. The Austrian Oak — Floor to overhead log press for maximum repetitions. Athletes will have a choice between a 200kg/441lb log or a lighter 172kg/379lb log.

3. The Bale Tote — Two different weight yokes. Starting weight 590kg/1300lb. Athletes to carry the yoke 4 meters/13 feet. If successful, the weight of the yoke will be increased to 680kg/1500lb. The fastest time of the heaviest yoke will win.

4. The Cyr Dumbbell — Another floor to overhead event, once again for maximum repetitions. The dumbbell will weigh at least 274lbs/125kg.

5. The Timber Carry — 1102 pound (500kg) frame carry up a 35 foot incline. Straps allowed.

EXTRA SCENES features the induction of 8 time Mr. Olympia RONNIE COLEMAN to the International Sports Hall of Fame. This event was co-hosted by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dr Robert Goldman.

Special thanks to my good friend and photographer at the Arnold Classic, JASON BREEZE, for these wonderful strongman photos that appear on the cover and in the GALLERY.
Thanks to Dr Bob for the Ronnie Coleman induction photos.
Not to be overlooked, our thanks to the Arnold Strongman Classic Officials:
The Arnold Strongman Classic is directed by Terry Todd, Jan Todd, and Steve Slater.  Stage Announcers are Bill Kazmaier and Colin Bryce.

2016 Arnold Strongman Classic Results: 
1. Zydrunas "Big Z" Savickas - Lithuania - 42 points
2. Brian Shaw - USA - 41 points
3. Vytautas Lalas - Lithuania - 36 points
4. Mateusz Kielizkowski - Poland - 33.5 points
5. Hafthor Bjornsson - Iceland - 32.5 points
6. Jerry Pritchett - USA - 24.5 points
7. Mikael Shivilyakov - Russia - 22.5 points
8. Dimitar Savatinov - Bulgaria - 18.5 points
9. Eddie Hall - UK - 11 points
10. Aleksandr Lysenko - Russia - 10.5 points

Ronnie Coleman’s induction to the International Sports Hall of Fame.  (See PHOTOS below courtesy Dr Bob.)
Arnold Strongman Photo Gallery

Pro Strongman Event: 155 mins
Extras: 9 mins
Total Running Time: 164 mins

2016 Arnold Classic Pro Men : Arnold Classic, Arnold Classic 212, Men's Physique & Pro Wheelchair 2016 Arnold Classic Pro Men : Arnold Classic, Arnold Classic 212, Men's Physique & Pro Wheelchair  

Congratulations to KAI GREENE of USA for his 3rd victory at this event. CEDRIC McMILLAN placed second, and rising star from Australia JOSH LENARTOWICZ placed third. In the Arnold Classic 212 it was a first time victory for HIDETADA YAMAGISHI of Japan over USA’s own star Jose Raymond.

The DVD presents the COMPLETE PREJUDGING for all 4 classes, with all of the compulsory poses, callouts and comparisons. The FINALS include the posing routines, comparisons, posedowns and awards.


The 2016 IFBB Arnold Classic & Arnold Sports Festival are Presented by Classic Productions


This Event is Officially Sanctioned by the IFBB Professional League.
International President
Rafael Santonja-Gomez
Jim Manion
Event Promoters
Jim Lorimer
Bob Lorimer
Classic Productions
Meet Director
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Amateur Contests
Bob Lorimer
Mike Davies
Expo & Events Coordinator
Paul Nagle
Expo & Events Director
Kathy Nagle
Director of Communications
Brent LaLonde
Strongman Contest
Dr. Terry Todd
Steve Slater
Public Relations
Lorz Communications
Masters of Ceremony
Colin Bryce
Bill Kazmaier
Head Judges
Magnús Ver Magnússon
David P. Webster
Odd Haugen
John D. Fair
Kim Beckwith
Mark Henry
Crew Chief
Steve Slater
Photography for DVD
Jason Breeze
Video footage
Columbus, Ohio
2016 Arnold Sports Festival Crew List
Event Producer
Shawn Loevenguth
Assistant Event Producer
Carrie Chew
Stage Managers
Ashley Harbison
Marce Righthouse
Beth Siracuse
FOH Audio Engineer
Steve Jones
Audio Engineer
Scott Robinson
FOH Lighting Technician
Michael Hesmond
Lighting Technician
Josh Bowers
Video Director
Julian Dorsett
Tape Operator
Michael Dickson
Camera Operators
Ron Caruso
Eric Obert
Randy Silcott
Head Carpenter
Dave Steinmetz
Timothy Bates
Marce Righthouse
Rick Scholz
Head Rigger
Steve Quinn
Set Design
Jocelyn McDaniel
Expo Stage
Site Supervisor
Doug Maynard
Audio Technician
Gus Caulk
Lighting Technician
Patrick Fitzgibbons
Video Director
Ian Martin
Camera Operators
Matt Gault
Lauren Kurtz
ENG Team
Jerman Abney
Tyler Chapman
Jon Ebright
Grant Lawhorn
Kiri Loevenguth
Jeff Martin
General Technician
Steven Johnson
Seth Powell
Strongman Sponsors
Rogue Fitness
GMV would like to thank:
Bob Lorimer
Brent LaLonde
Shawn Loevenguth
Jason Breeze
Matt Lorz
Jerman Abney
Carrie Chew
Dr. Bob Goldman

Editing, Authoring & Cover Design:
Ollie Parke
DVD & Blu-Ray Produced by

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