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2019 Olympia - 212 Class Prejudging
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Duration: 52 mins
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Choose from three ways to catch the excitement of the 2020 Olympia Weekend.
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2019 Olympia - 212 Class Prejudging.   

Digital Download.

Las Vegas, NV.  Friday September 13th, 2019.
The complete prejudging record of this historic event, shot by our 2 cameras at the Main Expo stage, Las Vegas Convention Centre, South Hall.  

From the lineups to all of the comparisons, you see the top 212 men side by side. Concludes with the exciting posedown. The final comparison was between the top 3 competitors namely KAMAL ELGARGNI, DEREK LUNSFORD and SHAUN CLARIDA.

The 212 Olympia competitors perform 8 mandatory poses, plus quarter turns and comparisons. 50% of their score is decided at the Finals.

Running time: 52 mins

Photos: Jason Breeze and David Michael Images.


2019 Olympia – 212 Class
1. Kamal Elgargni – Libya
2. Derek Lunsford – USA
3. Shaun Clarida – USA
4. John Jewett – USA
5. Ahmad Ashkanani – Kuwait
6. Sami Al Haddad – Bahrain
7. Eduardo Correa Da Silva – Brazil
8. Hidetada Yamagishi – Japan
9. Aaron Polites – Australia
10. Angel Calderon Frias – Spain
11. David Henry – USA
12. Zane Watson – Canada
13. Oleh Kryvyi – Ukraine
14. Fahad Zaid Hazzizi – Saudi Arabia
15. Tomas Tabaciar – Slovakia
16. Noel Adame – USA
16. Kokeny Bela – Hungary
16. Steve Benthin – Germany
16. Lloyd Dollar – USA

This Event is Officially Sanctioned by the IFBB Professional League.
President: Jim Manion

Chief Olympia Officer: Dan Solomon

Technical Director: Martin Carrillo

Head Judges:
Steve Weinberger
Sandy Williamson

MC: Bob Cicherillo

Jason Breeze (Front Cover photo)
David Michael Images
Wayne Gallasch

Contest Cameras:
Wayne Gallasch
Phil Carman
Dave Wellings

GMV would like to thank:
Dan Solomon
Martin Carrillo
Cayden Riley
Jason Breeze

GMV Editing:
Wayne Gallasch
Ollie Parke

Authoring & Cover Design:
Ollie Parke

DVD Produced by



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