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2005 Obusforme Iron Man NPC Figure Competition
Code: V-192DVD
Duration: 85 mins
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The 2005 Obusforme Iron Man NPC Figure Competition

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This event was once again of the highest calibre.
The 19 top class athletes took to the stage at the FitExpo for the prejudging and then in the glamorous setting of the Pasadena Civic Centre for the Finals.
The battle was intense, with statuesque ALEXIS ELLIS emerging as the overall winner.

There were 3 classes of competition - Short, Medium and Tall with every single round and every comparison included in this DVD.
Includes the awards to the 3 class winners and overall award to Alexis Ellis.

2005 Obusforme Iron Man NPC Figure Results were as follows -

Short Class
1 Jennifer DeJoya
2 Masae Parker
3 Amy Peters
4 Andrea Dumon
5 Patti Cottrell-Ramos
6 Meriza Goncalves
7 Brandi Halbert 
Medium Class
1 Vivian Dan Xu
2 Abby Eyre
3 Jennifer Micheli
4 Tanya Peale
5 Venus Ramos 
6 Fatima Machado 
Tall Class
1 Alexis Ellis
2 Jennifer Ralph
3 Shari Yates
4 Amanda Chapman
5 Erica White
6 Paulette Richards  

Overall Winner - Alexis Ellis

Special Features :                                                                                                             

* See the complete awards to:
  ALBERT BUSEK and JIM LORIMER and their “ big screen ” tributes and responses.

* CAROL BRATCHER sings the National Anthem.

* Interview with JENNIFER DEJOYA.

* 2005 Obusforme Iron Man NPC Figure Competition Photo Gallery.



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