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2003 Jan Tana Pro Classic
Code: A-1080DVD
Duration: 154 mins
Price: $39.95
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2003 Jan Tana Pro Classic

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Held in Charlotte, North Carolina, this was almost a Ms Olympia line-up, such was the standard. You will see 21 amazing international physique women from the heavyweight, middleweight and lightweight classes as they become locked in a titanic battle for victory.
See sensational newcomer, Helle Nielsen of Denmark, as she blitzes the opposition for the Overall Jan Tana Pro Title against seasoned campaigners such as Dayana Cadeau, Angela Debatin, Christine Envall and Susanne Neiderhauser!!
The DVD includes all rounds, including the complete posing routines of all 21 competitors. At least 8 of these women have competed in the Ms Olympia. The Best Posing Award, offered for the first time, was won by Vilma Caez - pictured top right of front cover. Mah-Ann Mendoza is pictured front cover top left.
2003 Jan Tana Pro Classic Results
August 15-16, 2003 at Charlotte, North Carolina

1. Helle Nielsen
2. Beth Roberts
3. Maria Calo-Wallace
4. Susanne Bock
5.Sharon Robelle
6. Annett Wittig
7. Merete Horness
8. Carmella Key
1. Dayana Cadeau
2. Mah-Ann Mendoza
3. Vilma Caez
4. Monica Martin
5. Christine Envall
6. Jeannie Paparone
7. Claudia Bianchi
8. Antoinette Norman
1. Angela Debatin
2. Joanna Thomas
3. Mary Ellen Doss
4. Susanne Neiderhauser
5. Mary Ellen Warman

Overall: Helle Nielsen

Best Poser: Vilma Caez

* Available in NTSC (region free)

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