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1987 UBBA Ms. Australia: The Women - Prejudging & Show
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Duration: 120 mins
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1987 UBBA Ms. Australia: The Women - Prejudging & Show

Australia's premier event, the UBBA National Championships for men and women was held in Geelong, Victoria at The Arena. It was prejudging on September 5th and the Show Finals on the 6th. The UBBA was the earlier name for NABBA Australia with the open class winners going on to represent Australia at the NABBA Universe in London.

Between the men's and women's DVDs see 62 of Australia's finest young champions. The calibre and intensity of the whole women's contest was so outstanding this DVD brings you every pulsating moment. It includes the complete posing routines of every competitor at both PREJUDGING & SHOW, plus key comparisons from the Prejudging through to the final awards.
2 hours of hot and hard muscle action on stage between the best built women in Australia!

South Australians Irene Nickole and KIm Knott brought a high degree of glamour and muscularity to these Championships. This was Nickole's second National title. She went on to place high at the NABBA Universe one week later.
To see Irene place second in the 1986 NABBA Universe: The Women - Prejudging and Show, please click here for A-0326DVD.
To see Irene in her own DVD, please click here for GMV-198DVD.

These days KIm Knott is famous for having won two Natural Ms Olympias in a row (2000 and 2001).
To see Kim in her own DVD, please click here for GMV-524DVD.

To see top placegetter MARY JOHNSTON in her own DVD, please click here for GMV-047DVD.

To see the COUPLES contest from this event, please click here for the 1987 Mr. Australia: Men - The Show & Couples which is GMV-061DVD.

To see the Men's Prejudging DVD from this event, please click here for GMV-060DVD.

Please click here for the COMPLETE RESULTS - MEN & WOMEN.

Running time: 120 mins

1987 UBBA Ms. Australia

1 Beth Lopez Coghlan - VIC 
2 Jeanette Harper
3 Michelle Buckingham
4 Dijana Rudolf
5 Jacqui Cook

1 Irene Nickole - SA
2 Mary Johnston
3 Kim Knott
4 Glenda Black
5 Judith Hawkes
6 Jean Wilson

1 Trish Kiplocks - VIC
2 Gaylene Richards

1 Anna Allwood - SA
2 Wendy Matheson
3 Rae Simon
4 Lynn Kerr
5 Deanna Smith

1 Beth and Norm Coghlan - VIC
2 Wendy Matheson & Oliver Kisul
3 Janine Burgmann & Peter Breakwell

Sammy Ioannidis


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