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1999 NABBA Ms Universe: The Women's Pump Room
Code: GMV-345DVD
Duration: 45 mins
Price: $24.95
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1999 NABBA Ms Universe: The Women's Pump Room

Also available as a Digital Download

All the tension and excitement behind the scenes as these magnificent women prepare for the contest they have working and striving for all year. No wonder it gets a bit tense from time to time!! See oiling, tensing and posing from most of the top women.

See stars such as the incredible Loretta McMillan of Australia, pictured front cover.

Running time: 45 mins

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Figure Overall Winner: Giovanna Rosa ITALY

Figure Class 1
1   Giovanna Rosa Italy
2   Claudia Muhlhaus Germany
3   Dianne Jardim Australia
4   Bronwyn O'Brien Australia
5   Jane Shadbolt-Thin New Zealand
6   Donna Aston Australia
7   Marie-Pierre Ripert France
8   Emma Jones UK
Trijntje Medema Holland
Isabelle Andre France
Amanda Kay UK
Valerie Harrison USA
Pearl Gayle UK
Tracey Thompson UK
Tracey Mihalus Canada
Debbie Van Houdt-Gubbels Holland
Figure Class 2
1   Lisa Masson New Zealand
2   Terri Roberts Australia
3   Juani Martinez Spain
4   Tatiana Kovalko Belarus
5   Loretta McMillan Australia
6   Sabrina Taylor UK
7   Simona Romano Italy
8   Louise Krause South Africa
9   Debbie Taylor UK

Miss Physique Class
1   Taylor Young Australia
2   Olga Tikhonova Belarus
3   Sandra Waterschoot Belgium
4   Angela Munro New Zealand
5   Pippa Horton UK
6   Vera Bendel Germany
7   Galina Podolneva Russia
8   Alexandra Kuilart Holland


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