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1990 NABBA Universe: Women - Prejudging & Show
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Duration: 95 mins
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1990 NABBA Universe: The Women - Prejudging & Show

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With a huge entry of 19 gorgeous FIGURE CLASS women from around the world, this single class proved to be a real nightmare for the judges. Each of the top five women received at least one first place vote! The more liberal minded attitude of NABBA ensured that the women could wear the posing costume of their choice, and no pose is banned during their posing routines.

Australian dynamo, BRONWYN O'BRIEN took first place honours, with HELEN MADDERSON and JANNETTE HALSTEAD both of U.K., second and third respectively. We include interviews with both Bronwyn O'Brien and Helen Madderson in this DVD.
In 1990, all women were judged in a single height class, both for FIGURE and for PHYSIQUE.

This has to have been one of the most awesome physique classes seen at the NABBA Universe for many a long year. Thirteen incredible physiques, all carrying densely packed muscle mass, combined with proportion, symmetry, size and hard condition.  Absolutely stunning!  Look for the amazingly muscular ELKE POTER of Holland (6th place); the ultra-ripped KARIN HABISREUTHER of Germany (5th place); the lovely shape, symmetry and muscular condition of DEBORAH COMPTON from Australia (4th place); and the  fantastic arms on England's vivacious and beautiful BERNIE PRICE (3rd place).

Then hold your breath for the 1st and 2nd place getters! A battle of epic proportions took place between MONIKA DEBATIN of Germany and CHRISTIANA DEL BUONO of Italy. Debatin showed extraordinary muscular development and deep thigh separation. Del Buono, on the other hand, had excellent quads, with shredded pecs and back, plus huge delts. But Debatin's brilliant overall condition and V-shape which she presented exceptionally well to the near capacity audience captured her first place.
Here again, the women wore the posing costumes of their own choice, and they flexed their hearts outthe appreciative audience!  We present over 95 minutes of broadcast quality video, now on DVD, of the 1990 NABBA Universe Women.  You'll experience the posedowns and presentations from a front row seat as if you were there!

At the prejudging we present the posing routines of all competitors, plus the key comparisons. At the show you see each of the 6 finalists presenting her complete routine in each class, through to the final awards. The show was recorded with state-of-the-art technology, using two cameras, enabling us to bring you extreme closeups coupled with wider angle shots. So if you want to see the best women's physiques in the Universe, in mind-boggling detail, don't miss this DVD.

Please click here for The Men - The Show from this event, GMV-118DVD.

Running time: 95 mins



1     Bronwyn O’Brien Australia
2     Helen Madderson UK
3     Jannette Halstead UK
4     Anna Lovelock UK
5     Evelyn Lees UK
6     Karen Hughes UK
7     Stephanie Wehr Germany
8     Mary Scott UK
Anna Maria Onofrio
Anna Unon Garcia
Ermelinda Fernandez
Lea du Toit
Miguette Brossault
Carole Murphy
Giselle Bedin
Maria Carmen Selles
Sylvianne Lentillon
Jolanda Santoro
Vera Hesse


1     Monika Debatin Germany
2     Christiana del Buono Italy
3     Bernadette Price UK
4     Deborah Compton Australia
5     Karin Habisreuter Germany
6     Elke Poter Holland
7     Beverley Hahn UK
8     Maria Edite Raposo Spain
Charita Ryder
Ester Hoyler
Rina Howard
Annemie van de Wal
Vivi Petersen


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