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1992 NABBA Universe: The Women's Prejudging & Show
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Duration: 97 mins
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1992 NABBA Universe: The Women's Prejudging & Show

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Held in England each year this prestigious contest goes from strength to strength. 98 minutes of some incredibly beautiful physiques - both physique and figure categories, all posing in those g-string costumes which are justly famous. This year's event was held in Croydon, London on September 19th, 1992.
The DVD contains the Prejudging and evening Show with all of the posing, key comparisons through to the Overall Awards.

You see every muscular body part with our camera recording many wonderful close-ups. Sabine Weeke is one of the most beautiful women we have ever seen, see photo below. Saryn Muldrow later went on to win the Fitness Olympia title.

Please click here to order THE MEN'S PREJUDGING from this event, GMV-151DVD.
Please click here for THE MEN - THE SHOW from this event, GMV-152DVD.
Please click here for the COMPLETE EVENT RESULTS.

The Overall Winners::
Ms. Universe - Physique: BERNIE PRICE (U.K.)
Ms. Universe - Figure: ANITA LAWRENCE (Australia)

Running time: 97 mins

 1992 NABBA Universe - The Women's Results: 

Overall Women's Physique Winner: Bernadette Price - UK 

Tall Class 1
1   Bernadette Price - UK
2   Nuria Sala - Spain
3   Marie Fisher - UK
4   Nicole Reading - UK
5   Rina Howard - South Africa
6   Lynne Bennett - USA
Short Class 2
1   Lynda Mason - UK
2   Debbie Pickford - Australia
3   Cathy Butler-Corish - USA
4   Laurie Fierstein - USA
5   Coral Blair - UK
Overall Figure Class Winner: Anita Lawrence - Australia

Figure Tall Class 1
1   Saryn Muldrow - Denmark
2   Anna Maria Onofrio - Italy
3   Pauline Oliver - UK
4   Andra Day - UK
5   Marta Paradiso - Italy
6   Belen Quintero - Brazil
7   Dione Beauchemin - USA
8   Jeanette Harper - Australia
Evelyn Lees - UK
Sandy Young - UK
Brenda Bond - UK
Lucia Schmid - Brazil
Figure Short Class 2
1   Anita Lawrence - Australia
2   Jackie Young - UK
3   Susana Perez - Spain
4   Tatiana Kovalko - Belarus
5   Marion Klappert - Germany
6   Manuela Franz - Germany
7   Veronique Bossan - France
8   Caroline Smith - UK
Nicola Davies - UK
Kairen Jackson - UK
Ana-Maria Burgoyne - UK

Sandy Young won the Women's OH Diploma Best Presentation Award. 


Saryn Muldrow

Pauline Oliver

Sabine Weeke

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