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1993 NABBA Universe: Women - Prejudging & Show
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Duration: 96 mins
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1993 NABBA Universe: The Women - Prejudging & Show

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Birmingham, October 2nd, 1993 -  bodybuilding at its feminine best. The most muscular and the most feminine bodybuilders in the world, posing, flexing, being compared and displaying their enviable physiques for the fans. The women’s DVD is simply brilliant. With most of the women posing in the European style costumes. You will note from the RESULTS it was a very good year for Australia.

See both classes of women from PHYSIQUE to FIGURE - competing for the supreme titles of Miss Universe. We cover the event from all of the prejudging through to the Overall Figure and Physique posedowns and awards at the evening Show.

Winner of the Women's Best Presentation Award and Class 1 Figure winner TANIA MITTONI is pictured front cover.
Top 3 placegetters in PHYSIQUE CLASS 1 are pictured rear of cover.

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Please click here for the COMPLETE RESULTS from this event.

Running time: 96 mins

The Class winners were:

Physique Class 2:  Deborah Compton (Australia) Overall Winner.
Physique Class 1: Millie Carter-Gruninger (USA).
Figure Class 2: Susana Perez (Spain) Overall Winner.
Figure Class 1: Tania Mittoni (Australia) Best Presentation Award.

1993 NABBA Universe - Women's Complete Results

Overall Physique Winner: Deborah Compton - Australia 

Tall Class 1
1   Millie Carter Gruninger - USA
2   Andrea Klaeske - Germany
3   Elke Poter - Holland
4   Melanie Richmond - UK
5   Jane Ann Arthur - UK
6   Verena Stauder - Germany
7   Thea Slikboer - Holland
8   Mariella Hug - France
9   Elaine Heyes - UK

Short Class 2
1   Deborah Compton - Australia
2   Sabine Von Czentskowski - Germany
3   Debbie Pickford - Australia
4   Sandra Bauerle - Germany
5   Cathy Butler-Corish - USA
6   Kathi Costello - USA
7   Trez Lambert - UK
8   Linda Slayton - USA
Natalia Klimkina - Russia
Sharin Martiz - Holland

Figure Class Overall Winner: Susana Perez - Spain

Figure Tall Class 1
1   Tania Mittoni - Australia
2   Sarah Ston - UK
3   Petra Morlok - Germany
4   Silvie Esmenjaud - France
5   Marta Paradiso - Italy
6   Anna Maria Onofrio - Italy
7   Natalia Pyryakova - Belarus
8   Sabine Weeke - Germany
Angelica Blake - UK
Judy Crounse - USA
Linda Rust - UK
Francoise Rivier - France
Brenda Bond - UK
Tanya Titla - Ukraine
Eva Rasmusen - Sweden
Pauline Oliver - UK
Christine Punshon - UK

Figure Short Class 2
1   Susana Perez - Spain
2   Manuela Franz - Germany
3   Kati Herden - Hungary
4   Jackie Young - UK
5   Monica Caponetto - Italy
6   Lucia Schmid - Brazil
7   Tatyana Kovalko - Belarus
8   Fiona Weir - UK
Gail Cowell - UK
Nicola Wilson - UK
Joyce Richards - UK


Deborah Compton

Millie Carter-Gruninger

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