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2009 Arnold Classic: The Women’s Prejudging & Finals - 2 DVD Set
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Duration: 261 mins
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2009 Arnold Classic: The Women’s Prejudging & Finals - 2 DVD Set

The World's Best Female Muscle Action!!

Prejudging DVD. DISC #1
See the complete rounds for all three women's classes - BODYBUILDING, FIGURE & FITNESS from the exciting prejudging session, held on the main stage at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. The Prejudging is shown exactly as it took place, with the order of rounds listed below under CONTENTS.

We shot some amazing footage from our key position on the riser as well as from side stage. Every compulsory pose and every single comparison is included, along with the 45 second fitness routines in black leotards. You also see the hard fought rounds for FIGURE where you will witness the intense battle between the top contenders.

This exciting prejudging DVD presentation brings you a bird's eye view of each competitor, from every angle from walk-on to the end of each section. Always bringing you the best possible angle and close-up on each competitor. We feel it is the best, most exciting women’s prejudging DVD we have ever offered.

JULIE PALMER and JENNIFER HENDERSHOTT battled it out yet again for Fitness International honours and DEBI LASZEWSKI  and IRIS KYLE were the two main standouts in the Ms International class.

In the Figure Class is was GINA ALIOTTI versus ZIVILE RAUDONIENE in a very even competition. In the end it was Hendershott, Kyle and Raudoniene who all went on to seize victory at the FINALS.


You will see these chapters in this order:
(Round 1 is One Piece and Round 2 is 2 Piece.)
Opening – Introduction to the prejudging by Clint Richards
Fitness Round 1 Solo
Fitness Round 1 Comparisons
Figure Round 1 Solo
Figure Round 1 Comparisons
Fitness Round 2 Solo
Fitness Round 2 Comparisons
Figure Round 2 Solo
Figure Round 2 Comparisons
Fitness Round 3 Routines 45 seconds
Bodybuilding Mandatory Poses
Bodybuilding Comparisons
Photo Gallery from Prejudging

Finals DVD. DISC #2
The Finals DVD delivers all the exciting action from one of the worlds premiere women's events. In the Fitness International contest, the sublimely athletic Jennifer Hendershott proved to be too strong for Julie Palmer and the rest of her opposition.

The gorgeous Figure International line-up was better than ever with Zivile Raudoniene winning for her first time at the Arnold Sports Festival from an outstanding runner-up in Gina Aliotti. Zivile is bound to be a serious threat at the Figure Olympia later this year.

In the Ms. International event, Debi Laszewski and Iris Kyle were the two main contenders in this class with Iris taking her 4th Arnold title at this event to now equal the record number of victories in the women's bodybuilding competition. As usual, Californian Governor and the namesake of the event, Arnold Schwarzenegger, talked to the delighted winners on stage and added his legendary charm to this world class contest.

Opening of the show
The complete contest, routines, comparisons and awards for all women's classes.
(Please click here for full details on the COMPLETE MEN'S DVD FROM THIS EVENT, GMV-737DVD.)

In these DVDs you will see an absolute bonanza of gorgeous figure women, remarkable fitness routines and rippling hardcore female muscle.

Total Running Time: 261 mins over 2 Discs

Wayne's HARD NEWS Contest Report and photos, click here.

Contest Results:

2009 Ms. International

1. Iris Kyle - USA
2. Debi Laszewski - USA
3. Yaxeni Oriquen - Venezuela
4. Heather Armbrust - USA
5. Dayana Cadeau - Canada
6. Betty Adkins - Venezuela
7. Isabelle Turell - USA
8. Cathy LeFrancois - Canada
9. Dena Westerfield - USA
10. Mah Ann Mendoza - USA
11. Brenda Raganot - USA
12. Rosemary Jennings - USA
13. Maria Carmen-Gomez - Mexico

2009 Fitness International

1. Jen Hendershott - USA
2. Julie Palmer - USA
3. Tracey Greenwood - USA
4. Regiane DaSilva - Germany
5. Tina Durkin - USA
6. Shannon Meteraud - USA
7. Trish Warren - USA
8. Nicole Wilkins - USA
9. Oksana Grishina - Russia
10. Mindi O’Brien - Canada
11. Tanji Johnson  - USA
12. Bethany Gainey - USA
13. Erin Riley - USA
14. Nicole Duncan - USA
15. Jessica Clay -USA
16. Heidi Fletcher - USA

2009 Figure International

1. Zivile Raudoniene - Lithuania
2. Gina Aliotti - USA
3. Amy Fry - USA
4. Kristal Richardson - USA
5. Felicia Romero - Mexico
6. Monica Brant - USA
7. Heather Mae French - USA
8. Sonia Gonzales - USA
9. Sherlyn Roy - USA
10. Erin Stern - USA
11. Chastity Slone - USA
12. Latisha Wilder - USA
13. Juliana Malacarne - Brazil
14. Huong Arcinas - USA
15. Lenay Hernandez - Cuba
16. Brenda Smith - USA
17. Georgina Lona - USA

* Available in NTSC DVD, OPEN REGION

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