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2009 WFF World Championships - The Women & Couples
Code: GMV-770DVD
Duration: 77 mins
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2009 WFF World Championships - The Women & Couples

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Held in Lebach, Germany, on 31st October, 2009, this major international bodybuilding and fitness event attracted an outstanding quality field of competitors from around the world.  The WOMEN’S DVD covers all  the action from the Women's Classes listed below and the Couples Class: 

WOMEN JUNIORS: Elliete Lukyte 
WOMEN FITNESS: Jovita Siukstaite

WOMEN PERFORMANCE: Ramune Miliauskaite (pictured front cover right)
WOMEN ATHLETIC: Cristina Menini 
WOMEN SUPERBODY: Kristina Kudynova

PAIRS: Ramune Miliauskaite / Mantas Jankauskas

The DVD includes the 3 complete rounds for every class, including the posing routines of every single competitor along with the awards and overall section posedown where relevant.

Of particular interest is the emerging new Russian star in the WOMEN SUPERBODY CLASS by the name of Zhavora. From the body language of the Russian runner up, Natalia Zhavora, she felt that the judges were hard on her in placing Kristina Kudynova ahead of her. Although she placed second, we are using her photo, front cover (left), to show what outstanding potential she has and what a physique this young lady has already achieved. I feel she is a future NABBA Universe Class winner with her symmetrical shape, clean lines, muscularity and excellent genetics.

Countries to dominate at this year's contest were Lithuania and Slovenia. This was an amazing effort from such small countries. The contest was expertly run and promoted by Tamara Konz.
My special thanks to Marcus Schlager, President NABBA/WFF Austria who was responsible for getting me to this contest and assisting in the DVD production.

Huge Photo Gallery

Photos by Aldo Wipfli, Wayne Gallasch and some courtesy WFF.

My thanks to Aldo Wipfli. I am indebted to him for most of the photos in the DVD gallery and for help with the cover photos as well. He did a brilliant job and my sincere thanks to him for enabling me and the fans of this WFF event to enjoy a substantial photo gallery as part of this DVD. The same will apply to the photos in the men's DVD, GMV-771DVD.

For the complete set of RESULTS for all classes men and women, please click here.
For the MEN'S DVD OF THIS EVENT, please click here for GMV-771DVD.
Running Time: 77 mins

Shot in 16:9 Wide Screen.


1 Elliete Lukyte
2 Anja Kohlstedt 
1 Jovita Siukstaite
2 Dovile Simonaviciute
3 Sabine Cortinovis
4 Brenda Slijkhuis
5 Adriana Sandecka

1 Ramune Miliauskaite
2 Corinna Walther
3 Prisca Maidlinger
4 Loredana De Franciscis
5 Zhanna Ageeva 
1 Cristina Menini
2 Marjolein Schilperoort
3 Meryem Korkut
4 Maria Galuzo 
1 Kristina Kudynova
2 Natalia Zhavora
3 Allison Matthews
4 Martine Leys 
1 Ramune Miliauskaite / Mantas Jankauskas
2 Corinna Walther / Andreas Trienbacher
3 Elliete Lukyte / Vaidotas Steponavicius
4 Marjolein Schilperoort / Rob Grass
5 Natalia Zhavora / Roman Kharyutin
6 Allison & Phillip Matthews
Not in the final:
Sabine Cortinovis / Stephane Richeda


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