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And I Did! The Doris Barrilleaux Story
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And I Did! The Doris Barrilleaux Story

Blood, Sweat, and a Lifetime of Firsts - the Doris Barrilleaux Story.

"This is a multimedia presentation on the life of Doris Barrilleaux, and how she founded and spearheaded the growth and acceptance of women's bodybuilding in a DVD based eBook like no other".

A Multimedia Autobiography, comprising 159 CHAPTERS and 63 VIDEO clips. You may request when ordering that Doris sign your disc.

Length approx.. 46 hours of reading and viewing.

Includes published magazine articles and newspaper clippings as additional reading. See more photos below.
Divided into 2 sections. PERSONAL & BODYBUILDING.

Doris’ Achievements in the world of bodybuilding.
1978 Founding President Superior Physique Association
1978 Publisher SPA NEWS
1979 W.B.B.G. Hall of Fame
1978 Promoter/Competitor 1st Women’s Florida State Competition
1979 Ms. Gold Coast Over 35
1980 Elected Chairwoman I.F.B.B
1981 Elected SPA Woman of the Year
1981 Founding President A.F.W.B.
1982 F.B.B.A. 1st woman to receive "Man" of the Year Award - Florida
1982 Nominated Healthy Fitness Leader Award
1983 Author FOREVER FIT
1984 Editor-in-Chief BODY TALK magazine
1985 Tampa Classic Award for Contributions to Women’s Bodybuilding
1987 Ms. Senior Citizen
1993 Thank You letters from President & Hilary Clinton for FOREVER FIT
1993 Van Wanderham Achievement Award
1999 Richard Collis Memorial Award
1999 Two Lifetime Achievement Awards
2004 A.O.B.S Vic Boff Award
2009 Collections donated and willed to Sports Museum University of Texas
2011 Inducted National Fitness Hall of Fame

The Bio's Table of Contents – click here for the full list.

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There's not a dull moment in any of it! It encapsulates almost every emotion a person feels! I imagine anyone who sees it will be awed and impressed! Most people haven't lived even half of the life that you have! I know this has been quite a project and all your hard work has certainly paid off! Congratulations! "And you did!"   Tracy P. 


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