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2020 Arnold Classic – Pro Women FIGURE, PHYSIQUE, FITNESS & BIKINI.
Code: GMV-1051DVD
Duration: 188 mins
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2020 Arnold Classic – Pro Women

Celebrating 32 Years of the Arnold Classic.

The 2020 Arnold Classic and Arnold Sports Festival are Presented by Classic Productions. Celebrating the 32nd Anniversary of the IFBB Pro League Arnold Classic and the 13th Arnold Amateur NPC Championships. March 5 - 8, 2020 Columbus, Ohio.
Held entirely at the Greater Columbus Convention Centre's Battelle Grand Ballroom. The Presenting Sponsor was Reign.

This year saw some challenges, but all of the contests took place as usual. The Arnold Sports Festival is the world’s largest multi-sport festival.

Congratulations to the winners -  Natalia Abraham Coelho from USA in Women's Physique, Bikini International winner Elisa Pecini from Brazil, Fitness International winner Missy Truscott from USA and Figure winner Natalia Soltero from Mexico.

The 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award went to the WWE Superstar, Triple H.



This massive DVD presents all of the Arnold Classic Pro Women’s contests from the Prejudging rounds through to the Finals.

Introduction of the Arnold Model Search Finalists
Jan Tana’s Bodypainting Revolution Finalists
Strong Woman Highlights - DB Press

RUNNING TIME: 188 mins.


This DVD is also available on Blu-ray, GMV-1052BRDVD, as well as on regular DVD.

DVD Photos: Jason Breeze

2020 Arnold Classic Pro Women’s Results:

Bikini International
1  Elisa Pecini Brazil
2  Angelica Teixeira USA
3  Janet Layug USA
4  Priscila Leimbacher Switzerland
5  Etila Santiago Santos Brazil
6  Jennifer Ronzitti USA
7  Beatriz Biscaia Portugal
8  Romina Basualdo USA
9  Marcia Goncalves Brazil
10  Camile Periat USA
11  Daraja Hill USA
12  Alessia Facchin Italy
13  Alexandria Ross USA
14  Justine Munro Canada
15  Mahsa Akbarimehr USA
16  Yeshaira Robles USA

Women’s Physique International
1  Natalia Abraham Coelho  USA
2  Anne-Lorraine Mohn  France
3  Margita Zamolova Czech Republic
4  Desunka Dawson USA
5  Jennifer Taylor USA
6  Claudia Diaz USA
7  Valentina Mishina Russia
8  Jeannie Feldman USA
9  Trisha Vezirian USA
10  Laura  Richards  USA

2020 Figure International
1 Natalia Soltero Mexico
2 Bojana Vasiljevic USA
3 Jessica Reyes Padilla Puerto Rico
4 Ashley Soto USA
5 Anna Banks Poland
6 Lola Montez Canada
7 Tarryn Garlington USA
8 Rhea Gayle United Kingdom
9 Tiffani Lapoint USA
10 Ericka Morales Morgan Guatemala
11 Julia Waring USA
12 Sandra Grajales Mexico
13 Maryam Bamdad Canada
14 Frida Thestrup Denmark
15 Martina Yabekova Canada
16 Michelle Lindsay USA
16 Brittany Campbell USA

2020 Fitness International
1  Missy Truscott USA
2  Ariel Khadr USA
3  Tiffany Chandler USA
4  Derina Wilson USA
5  Darrian Borello USA
6  Marta Aguiar Uruguay
7  Sara Kovach USA
8  Kate Errington UK
9  Katie Mitchell USA
10  Jenny Worth USA
11  Jeanine Taddeo USA
12  Aurika Tyrgale USA
13  Kristy Fenster Avery  USA
14  Haley Lisenba USA

The 2020 IFBB Arnold Classic & Arnold Sports Festival are Presented by Classic Productions.

This Event is Officially Sanctioned by the IFBB Professional League.
Jim Manion

Event Promoters:
Jim Lorimer
Bob Lorimer
Classic Productions
Meet Director:
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Amateur Contest Producers:
Bob Lorimer
Mike Davies

Event Chair:
Bob Lorimer

Director of Communications:
Brent LaLonde

Public Relations:
Lorz Communications
Matt Lorz

Head Judges:
Steve Weinberger
Sandy Williamson

Masters of Ceremony:
Clint Richards
Tony Doherty
Amanda Latona

Strongman Contest:
Dr. Jan Todd
Steve Slater

Strongman MCs:
Matt Iseman
Magnús Ver Magnússon

Strongman Head Judge:
Karl Gillingham

Photography for Pro DVDs:
Jason Breeze

Video footage:
Columbus, Ohio

GMV would like to thank:
Bob Lorimer
Brent LaLonde
Matt Lorz
Shawn Loevenguth
Live! Technologies
Alyssa Messner
Jason Breeze
David Baye
Wayne Gallasch for extra video content
Richard Baldwin for backstage assistance

2020 Live! Technologies Main Stage crew Battelle Hall:

Shawn Loevenguth - Producer
Alyssa Messner - Asst. Production Manager
Steve Jones- FOH audio
Kevin Brown - Audio Tech
Michael Hesmond  - Lighting Programmer
Jordan Auge - Lighting Tech
Ian Martin - Video Director
Grant Lawhorn – Video Editor
Travis Haag - LED Wall Tech/ Video Tech
Julian Dorsett - Video Tech
Jay Johns - Lead Carpenter
Rick Scholz - Asst. Carpenter
Jim Miller - Camera
Randy Silcott - Camera
Eric Obert – Camera
Sarah Joyce - Director of Project Management
GMV Editing:
Wayne Gallasch
Ollie Parke

Authoring & Cover Design:
Ollie Parke

DVD & Blu-Ray Produced by:



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