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1983 NABBA Mr & Ms Britain: The Show
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Duration: 147 Mins
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1983 NABBA Mr & Ms Britain: The Show

The stars included Brian Buchanan, Vince Brown, Eugene Laviscount, Andrew Webb, Ivon Jackson, John Pegler, Christine Hall and Joanne Day.

This classic British DVD presents the complete evening SHOW with all of the posing routines, through to the various class awards.

The top 3 men in the Mr Britain were all outstanding bodybuilders and finished in this order:
1. Brian Buchanan, 2. Vince Brown and 3. Eugene Laviscount.

Brian Buchanan went on to win the NABBA Universe and later enjoyed a successful IFBB career.


1983 NABBA Mr & Ms Britain

Mr. Britain
1  Brian Buchanan
2  Vince Brown
3  Eugene Laviscount
4  Andrew Webb
5  Linkie Wilson
6  Francois Chung
7  Walter O'Malley
8  Vince D'Alessandro
9  Craig Howard
10  Tony Sullivan

1  Ivon Jackson
2  Peter Misko
3  Terry Cooper
4  Paul Bell
5  Derek Duke
6  Peter Ormondroyd

1  John Pegler
2  Sammy Nelson
3  Erick Wiltshire
4  Brian House
5  Jim Longhurst
6  Colin Lowless
7  Derek Browning
8  Peter Kirtley

Women's Bodybuilding
1  Christine Hall
2  Carole Fox
3  Carole Bennett
4  Heather Goldsmith
5  Tracy Baldwin

Figure Class
1  Joanne Day
2  Karen Stockman
3  Karen Green
4  Cheryl Brewster
5  Kim Evans
6  Nina Couch

Running Time: 147 mins


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