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The Titan Show 1988
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Duration: 124 mins
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The Titan Show 1988

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1988 Mr. Titan & Miss Juno Bodybuilding Championships 
Hornsey Town Hall, London    6th February, 1988
A LAMPS Production

The Titan Show is a "London bodybuilding institution" having become a famous annual event, staged under NABBA rules by Andy Ball.

The classic contest is for men and women and the guest performers included:
Joe DeAngelis - USA - Former Mr America and Mr Universe.
Mark and Julie – Raunchy Physique Posing Duo.
Lamps Dancers. 

The Overall Men’s Winner was ROBERT RICHARDS. The outstanding Teenage winner was CARL ROBINSON.

This historic show is HUGE in content and full of new, young talent! Winning or placing well in this contest is usually a stepping stone to a great career in bodybuilding.
In the Masters Class Bill Montague presented some amazing muscle control in his routine.

Running time: 124 mins

1988 Titan & Juno Results
6th February, 1988

First Timers

1.  Steve Bone
2.  Garfield Skinner (Best presentation)
3.  Roger Carrington
4.  Bob Booth
5.  Lee Foskett
6.  Kevin Byfield
George Brown, Erroll Dorsett, Graham Groves, Mick Holmes, Kevin Parris, Tony Taylor

Miss Figure

1.  Anna Lovelock
2.  Lisa Dawn McGhee

Men's Teenage
1.  Carl Robinson
2.  Kirk Gittens (Best presentation)
3.  Richard Forrest
4.  Michael Weatherhead
5.  Marc Davis

Miss Physique

1  Therese Donnelly
2.  Kathy Clairmonte

Men's Masters

1.  Alex New (Best Presentation)
2.  Allan Clark
3.  Kenneth John Nichols
4.  Colin Gilham
5.  Bill Montague

Men's Short Class

1.  Ashley Marks
2.  Tony Martin
3.  Vince Ledbetter
4.  Simon Grizzle
5.  Pradip Chatterjee
6.  Raphael Kyei
Patrick Bhavon, Mark Durrant

Men's Medium

1.  Robert Richards
2.  Ossie Osbourne
3.  Glyn Feasey
4.  David McCarthy (Best Presentation)
5.  Tony Slack
6.  Roger Jones

Men's Medium/Tall

1.  Danny McFarlane
2.  Peter Mumford
3.  Clive Manley
4.  Steve Davis
5.  Joseph Hopkins

Men's Tall

1.  Junior Byfield (Best Presentation)
2.  Ted Thethy



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