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ASF25 - A Documentary: Official Film Honoring 25 Years of the Arnold Classic
Code: A-1420DVD
Duration: 82 mins
Price: $24.95
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ASF25 - A Documentary -
Official Film Honoring 25 Years of the Arnold Classic

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Shawn Ray Productions & Trick Entertainment present -

"25 Year Anniversary DVD Special" with interviews of Past and Present Champions of the Arnold Classic and Ms. International Championships!

With 45 sports and events, including 12 Olympic sports, and 175,000 sports fans in attendance, the Arnold Sports Festival has expanded into the world's largest multi-sport fitness weekend. ASF25 celebrates the first 25 years of the Arnold Sports Festival. 

Experience the stories of its grass roots beginnings and its present and future endeavours. Take an in-depth look into the legendary promoting career of James "Jim" Lorimer and his partner Arnold Schwarzenegger and how they built the foundation of one of the most prestigious events in sports history.

Bonus Features:
ASF25 Trailer
Muscular Development Promo
Powerhouse Gym Promo Interview with Producer/Director Patrick Rivera

"Hear commentary from the winners while we watch some of their Championship Posing Routines at the Arnold Classics, and hear them reflect on their victories and growth of the Arnold Classic Sports Festivals over the years....."

Pro Arnold Classic MC, Lonnie Teper was interviewed for this documentary at Golds Gym Venice! LT has been at the MC since 1993 at the ASC!

What else is included in this DVD!
1 on 1 interviews with Arnold and Jim Lorimer
Some actual Contest Footage
Athlete interviews
Some other sports of the ASF are also covered

Interviewed winners include -
Flex Wheeler, Vince Taylor, Kai Greene, Branch Warren, Shawn Ray, Kevin Levrone, Adela Garcia, Ronnie Coleman, Rich Gaspari, Mike Ashley, Victor Martinez, Iris Kyle, Jay Cutler, Yaxeni Oriquen etc.

From the Producers of Evolution of Bodybuilding.

Evolution of Bodybuilding - The Movie Evolution of Bodybuilding - The Movie  

Hear it straight from the Legends themselves with their stories of success and heartbreak. EVOLUTION OF BODYBUILDING offers a unique and closeup look at what it takes to compete in the "Mr. Olympia".
This DVD takes you on a magic journey from Larry Scott explaining the origin of the Mr. Olympia contest, through many of the past winners such as Frank Zane to Lee Haney, Dorian Yates, Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler to the current Mr. Olympia Phil Heath.

A-1397DVD | $29.95

Aspect Ratio - 16:9

Running time: 82 mins.



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