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2015 NABBA/WFF Pro-Am Lee Priest Classic Australia
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Duration: 296 mins
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2015 NABBA/WFF Pro-Am Lee Priest Classic Australia

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Promoted by Graeme Lancefield, the inaugural NABBA/WFF Pro-Am Lee Priest Classic Australia was held at the Bankstown Sports Club Theatre, Bankstown, NSW on Sunday March 22nd, 2015. The major sponsor was BLACK SKULL.

This was an International contest with an extremely high standard of competition. Complementing the local Australian contingent were teams from South Korea, the Czech Republic, China, New Zealand, and Malaysia.

The Pro Men's winner from the Czech Rep., Mr. Universe SLAVOJ BEDNAR, was simply outstanding as was Australia’s TAYLOR SMITH who took out the Women’s Overall Pro title.
Daniel Lancefield was the inaugural MC for this annual event.


This massive DVD brings you the COMPLETE NABBA/WFF EVENT including the interviews, Lee Priest and Roger Walker, special awards, comparisons and posing through to Overall Posedown. Pro cards were awarded to the OPEN amateur winners.
Lee Priest & Roger Walker were interviewed on stage by Graeme Lancefield.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Lee Priest  (See Lee's Contest History, Bio and Photo Gallery here at GMV-533DVD.)
VIP Guest: Roger Walker  (See Roger's Contest History here.)

Class Winners:
Junior Women: Nina Blundell - Australia
Junior Men: Rhys Evans - Australia
Masters Men: Wayne Wilson – Australia
Men’s Fitness: Ace Pooloo - Australia
Women's Performance: Jenny Cook - Australia
Men’s Performance: Sean Rankine - Australia
Women's Athletic: Taylor Smith - Australia
Men's Athletic: Oskar Sarkans - Australia
Women's Superbody: Lee Anne Temnyk - Australia
Women's Pro Division: Taylor Smith – Australia
Men's Superbody: Brendan McLean - Australia
Men's Extreme: Filip Grznar - Czech Rep.
Male Sportsmodel: Reece Schleicher - Australia
Female Sports Model: Sara Richards - Australia
Junior Female Sports Model: Caylaraye Riley – Australia
Bikini Model: Lydia White - Australia
Junior Bikini Model: Monique Pittas – Australia
Aerobic Fitness Model: Demeta Sahan (Desert Rose) – Australia

Women's Overall Pro: Taylor Smith – Australia
Men’s Pro Division: Slavoj Bednar - Czech Republic
(The 2 Pro winners pictured front cover.)

Roger Walker  - Career video tribute
Photo Gallery


This contest was shot in Wide Screen using full HD technology.

Running time: 296 mins

2015 NABBA/WFF Pro-Am Lee Priest Classic Australia - Complete Results
Bankstown, NSW, Australia    March 22, 2015

Junior Women
1. Nina Blundell - Australia
2. Leila Boyd - Australia
3. Hayley Kettle - Australia

Junior Men
1. Rhys Evans - Australia
2. Corey Polkinghorne - Australia
3. Ben Ducunto - Australia
4. Taize Calder - Australia
5. Jackson Li - Australia

Masters Men
1. Wayne Wilson - Australia

Men’s Fitness
1. Ace Pooloo - Australia
2. Keelan Peck - Australia
3. Brad McDonald - Australia
4. Christian Schisas - Australia
5. James Rees - Australia
6. Brett Shepherd - NZ

Women's Performance
1. Jenny Cook - Australia
2. Hay Yoon Kim - South Korea
3. Marianne Watson - Australia

Men’s Performance
1. Sean Rankine - Australia
2. Bassam Marhaba - Australia
3. Vincenzo Mantovani - Australia
4. Duane Meredith - Australia
5. Jake Baldachino - Australia
6. James Vertzayias - Australia

Women's Athletic
1. Taylor Smith - Australia
2. Tracy West - Australia
3. Brittany Carracher - Australia
4. Sarah Simonsen - NZ

Men's Athletic
1. Oskar Sarkans - Australia
2. Heesung Jang - South Korea
3. Paul Jayilian - Australia
4. James Garner - Australia
5. Chee Chen Syze - Malaysia
6. Stan Turek - Australia
6. KyeTagell - Australia

Women's Superbody
1. Lee Anne Temnyk - Australia
2. Ahn Bo-Kyung - South Korea
3. Zal Ismail - Australia

Women's Pro Division
1. Taylor Smith - Australia

Men's Superbody
1. Brendan McLean - Australia
2. Chris Chambers - Australia
3. Daniel Fel - Australia
4. Trent Cove - Australia
5. Ahmed Eizayal - Australia
6. Arnold Kerde - Australia

Men's Extreme
1. Filip Grznar - Czech Rep.
2. Ross Moloney - Australia
3. Alex Simays - NZ
4. Yoon Jong Muc - South Korea
5. Obi Akirtajy - Australia
6. Chris Razmovski - Australia
7. Sivaj Attimad - Australia

Men’s Pro Division
1. Slavoj Bednar - Czech Rep.
2. Filip Grznar - Czech Rep.
3. Calum Von Moger - Australia
4. Oskar Sarkans - Australia
5. Brendan McLean - Australia
6. Kwon YoungDoo - South Korea
6. Ki Hae Nam - South Korea
6. Zhai Yan Fang - China
6. Ace Pooloo - Australia

Male Sportsmodel
1. Reece Schleicher - Australia
2. Warren Young - NZ
3. Dean Wilcox - Australia

Female Sports Model
1. Sara Richards - Australia
2. Charlotte Hyndman - Australia
3. Marisa D’almeida - Australia
4. Janet Allan - Australia
5. Meghan Gorman - NZ
6. Taylor Besanko - Australia

Junior Female Sports Model
1. Caylaraye Riley - Australia

Bikini Model
1. Lydia White - Australia
2. Ju EunJung - South Korea
3. Jayne Duff - Australia
4. Marlee Dornom - Australia
5. Minji Kim - South Korea
6. Emma Rogerson - Australia
6. Rebecca Semens - Australia

Junior Bikini Model
1. Monique Pittas - Australia

Aerobic Fitness Model
1. Demeta Sahan (Desert Rose) - Australia

Women's Overall Pro: Taylor Smith - Australia


WFF Pro Card recipients:
Men’s Fitness: Ace Pooloo

Women's Performance: Jenny Cook

Women's Athletic: Taylor Smith

Men's Athletic: Oskar Sarkans

Women's Superbody: Lee Anne Temnyk

Men's Superbody: Brendan McLean

Men's Extreme: Filip Grznar

Male Sportsmodel: Reece Schleicher

Female Sports Model Open: Sara Richards

Junior Female Sports Model: Caylaraye Riley

Bikini Model: Lydia White

Junior Bikini Model: Monique Pittas

Aerobic Fitness Model: Demeta Sahan ( Desert Rose )


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