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2015 INBA Max's South Australian Titles: Bodybuilding Show
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Duration: 226 mins
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2015 INBA Max's South Australian Titles: Bodybuilding Show
Norwood Concert Hall, Norwood.  19th September, 2015

The Men now also on Digital Download.  

The Women now also on Digital Download. 

Natural Bodybuilding & Figure Titles.

The 2015 INBA Max's South Australian Titles Bodybuilding Show was the first of 2 events held at the Norwood Concert Hall on Saturday, September 19th, 2015. There were many outstanding competitors at these annual state titles.

The Overall Men's Bodybuilding Champion was DUNCAN RANKINE, and a superbly conditioned and beautifully proportioned SARA PEARSON was the Overall Women's Figure Class Champion. Both are pictured front cover, and Duncan also below..

See every round through to the final posedowns and awards. Includes all routines from the Posing Rounds.

PHOTO GALLERY.                                                 

The Major Sponsors were MAX'S and Australian Muscle.

Class Winners:
Men's Bodybuilding First Timers:
Corey Boutwell
Ms Figure First Timers: Natasha Standing
Men's Teenage: Ryan Weckert
Men's Junior: Corey Boutwell
Ms Figure Novice: Sara Pearson
Men's Novice: Mark O'connor
Ms Figure 40+: Vivienne Krstic
Men's 50+: Andy Paton
Men's 60+: Colin Campbell
Ms Figure 50+: Beverley Omoboni
Men's U/72kg: Mark Oconnor

Figure International: Vivienne Krstic
Men's U/77kg: Aaron Wilson
Ms Figure Open Short: Sara Pearson
Ms Figure Open Tall: Anita Brgles
Men's Open Short: Duncan Rankine
Men's Open Tall: Alf Connolly

Mr Overall: Duncan Rankine
Ms Figure Overall: Sara Pearson

Running time: 226 minutes

Photo Gallery

Photos by Nelson Azevedo

2015 INBA Max's South Australian Titles: Fitness & Bikini Show 2015 INBA Max's South Australian Titles: Fitness & Bikini Show  

The 2015 INBA Max's South Australian Fitness and Bikini Show was the second of 2 weekend events held at the Norwood Concert Hall, and staged on Sunday, September 20th, 2015. The Overall Champions were MARINA SARUNIC in the Bikini Class and NIKKI HOMANN in the Fitness Models Class. Both are pictured front cover. TRAVIS HOBBS won the Men's Fitness Model Open Class, and SHANE SPARRE won the Mr Physique Class. Enjoy many hours of fabulous Fitness and Bikini competition in this outstanding DVD which covers the complete contest from the opening rounds through to the final comparisons, Overalls and awards.

Complete Results as seen in this DVD:

Men's Bodybuilding First Timers
1. Corey Boutwell
2. Nathan Pippett
3. Alex Hanka
4. Kodi Crowe
5. Ryan Weckert
6. Alex Doggett
6. Jake Sims
6. Liam McKeown
6. Wayne Campbell
6. Andy Shephard
6. Yuxiang Du
6. Nick Robins
6. Stephen Miller
6. Michael Marsh

Ms Figure First Timers
1. Natasha Standing
2. Nicolle Lanyon
3. Katie Gosling
4. Em Smith
5. Monica Jones
6. Dani Tate
6. Sabeena Parasram

Men's Teenage
1. Ryan Weckert
2. George Blackett

Men's Junior
1. Corey Boutwell
2. Scott Nelson
3. Josh Taylor
4. Nathan Pippett
5. Daniel Dinsdale
6. Alex Doggett
6. Jimmy Duncan
6. Ryan Zaphiropoulos

Ms Figure Novice
1. Sara Pearson
2. Nicolle Lanyon
3. Angela Boothey
4. Katie Gosling
5. Patricia McKibbin
6. Theresa Parks
6. Em Smith
6. Sabbena Parasram
6. Donna Kent

Men's Novice
1. Mark Oconnor
2. Corey Boutwell
3. Vijay Kumar
4. Nathan Pippett
5. Geoff Lippett
6. Daniel Arnold
6. Jake Sims
6. Wayne Campbell
6. Yuxiang Du
6. Nick Robbins
6. Michael Marsh
6. Ryan Zaphiropoulos

Ms Figure 40+
1. Vivienne Krstic
2. Annetta Rullo
3. Kirsten Cox
4. Angela Boothey
5. Michelle Kittel

Men's 50+
1. Andy Paton
2. Andy Shephard

Men's 60+
Colin Campbell

Ms Figure 50+
1. Beverley Omoboni
2. Patricia McKibbin
3. Janelle McLean
4. Lisa Morby
5. Susan Wilson

Men's U/72kg
1. Mark Oconnor
2. Will Pover
3. Scott Nelson
4. Wilbert Flores
5. Kodi Crowe
6. Daniel Arnold
6. Jake Sims
6. Liam McKeown
6. Wayne Campbell

Figure International
1. Vivienne Krstic
2. Katie Gosling
3. Annetta Rullo
4. Megan Knight
5. Donna Kent
6. Theresa Parks
6. Monica Jones
6. Trish Ferres
6. Michelle Kittel

Men's U/77kg
1. Aaron Wilson
2. Mark McCormack
3. Geoff Lippett
4. Alex Doggett
5. Andy Paton
6. Yuxiang Du
6. George Blackett

Ms Figure Open Short
1. Sara Pearson
2. Cristina Pop
3. Vivienne Krstic
4. Beverley Omoboni
5. Genevieve Smith
6. Georgina Self

Ms Figure Open Tall
1. Anita Brgles
2. Trish Ferres
3. Donna Kent
4. Kirsten Cox
5. Megan Knight
6. Sabeena Parasram
6. Michelle Kittel
6. Lisa Morby

Men's Open Short
1. Duncan Rankine
2. Aaron Wilson
3. Mark McCormack
4. Jimmy Duncan
5. Wilbert Flores

Men's Open Tall
1. Alf Connolly
2. Russell James
3. Josh Taylor
4. Vijay Kumar
5. Alex Hanka
6. Nick Robins

Ms Figure Overall: Sara Pearson
Men's Overall: Duncan Rankine

This event is sanctioned by INBA Australia






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