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2000 Arnold Classic Special
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Duration: 89 mins
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2000 Arnold Classic Special


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This is a doco style video on the 2000 Arnold Classic contest and the Arnold weekend. A rare gem of historic contest footage found in our archives.

The 2000 Arnold Classic Pro Men had 17 top competitors, and was the highlight of the 12th annual Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Weekend. The event included Ms. International and Fitness International. It was held in Columbus, Ohio February 25-27, 2000.

The Main Winners:
Arnold Classic & Most Muscular: Ken “Flex” Wheeler
Ms. International Heavyweight & Overall: Vickie Gates
Ms. International Lightweight: Brenda Raganot
Fitness International: Kelly Ryan

Running time: 89 mins

The Full Results:

2000 Arnold Classic
1. Ken "Flex" Wheeler - USA
2. Chris Cormier
3. Kevin Levrone
4. Dennis James
5. Dexter Jackson
6. Gunter Schlierkamp
7. Darrem Charles
8. Jason Arntz
9. J D Dawodu
10. Craig Titus
11. Tom Prince
12. Ahmad Haidar
13. Claude Groulx
14. Flavio Baccianini
15. Jeff Long
16. Patrick Lynn
17. Jimmy Mentis

2000 Ms International

Overall Winner: Vickie Gates - USA

1. Vickie Gates
2 .Denise Hoshor
3. Iris Kyle
4. Amy Pazzo
5. Tazzie Colomb
6. Betty Pariso
7. Lesa Lewis
8. Yaxeni Oriquen

1. Brenda Raganot
2. Andrulla Blanchette
3. Cathy Lefrançois
4. Denise Masino
5. Gayle Moher
6. Monica Martin
7. Angela Debatin

2000 Fitness International

1. Kelly Ryan - USA 
2. Timea Majorova 
3. Shannon Meteraud 
4. Shena Forkner-Jones 
5. Jen Hendershott 
6. Laura Mak 
7. Melissa Frabbiele 
8. Adela Friedmansky 
9. D.J. Wallis
10. Klaudia Kinska
11. Mandy Blank
12. Lovena Tuley
13. Maria Bellando
14. Cynthia Bridges
15. Lisa Lowe
16. Linda McLaughlin

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