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1995 NABBA European Bodybuilding Championships Results
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1995 NABBA European Bodybuilding Championships
3rd June, 1995  Linz, Austria

Men's Overall Winner: Linval Miller  UK
Women's Figure Overall: Claudia Rohrs Germany

Miss Figure Class 1
1  Claudia Rohrs Germany
2  Alexandra Klaser  Germany
3  Alda Cook UK
4  Isabelle Schneider  France
5  Natalie Pyriakova  Belarus
6  Pina Gatta  Italy

Miss Figure Class 2
1  Claudia Muhlhaus  Germany
2  Chiara Caliaro  Italy
3  Karine Guerraud  France
4  Diana Barnickel  Germany
5  Cinzia Falzone  Italy
6  Samona Valiukevichute  Lithuania

Miss Physique
1  Verena Stauder  Germany
2  Jane Anderson  UK
3  Veronika Jakob  Germany
4  Chantal Douet  France
5  Dominiqiue Demesse  Belgium
6  Sniegena Samulionyte   Lithuania

Men - Juniors
1  Carsten Wagner  Germany
2  Andreas Lerke  Germany
3  Brian Dixon  UK
4  Peter Rieger  Austria
5  Vadim Kouznetsov  Belarus

Men's Class 1
1  Federico Focherini  Italy
2  Steve Johnston  UK
3  Sergei Ogorodnikov  Russia
4  Hannes Engelschall Austria
5  Ralf Domke  Germany
6  Stefano Greco  Italy

Men's Class 2
1  Heinz Dickgieber  Germany
2  Serge Dessel  France
3  Rene Meier  Germany
4  Michael Hanlon  UK
6  Alg Kileiauskas  Lithuania

Men's Class 3
1  Linval Miller  UK
2  Vyt Kindurys  Lithuania
3  Pierre Perrier  France
4  Norbert Valkanover  Austria
5  Philippe Devillers  Belgium
6  Roman Ivanov  Russia

Men's Class 4
1  Heiko Dahlhaus  Germany
2  Massimo Travan  Italy
3  Salvatore Blanco  Italy

Men's Masters Over 40
1  Antonio Zingaro  Italy
2  Ulrich Caspary  Germany
3  Max Pangerl  Austria
4  Larry Burns  UK
5  Dimitrij Solin Russia
6  Massimo Fanton  Italy

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