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2021 NABBA European Championships Results
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2021 NABBA European Championships.
Prague, Czech Republic.
Hotel Olsanka, November 20, 2021

Miss Bikini over 35:
1. Kathleen Streiber (Germany)
2. Irena Gräbner (Germany)
3. Aljona Amort (Austria)
4. Sabina Jödl (Germany)
5. Sabine Moser (Austria)
6. Cornelia Tschenet (Austria)

Miss Bikini:
1. Jennifer Pfeiffer (Germany)
2. Michaela Kaml (Germany)
3. Anna Kiss (Hungary)
4. Serena Carlini (Italy)
5. Jurgita Misiukeviciené (Lithuania)
6. Keti Kogan (Israel)
7. Luisa Schnell (Germany)
8. Jennifer Le Guilloux (Austria)
9. Steffi Waibel (Switzerland)

Miss Bikini Juniors:
1. Noa Novak (Israel)
2. Tereza Švestková (Czech Republic)

Miss Bikini Overall Winner:
Kathleen Streiber (Germany)

Sports Shorts Over 40:
1. Josef Fricl (Czech Republic)
2. Erik Ferfolja (Slovenia)

Sports Shorts:
1. Idriz Satarzadeh (Austria)
2. Yannis Badache (France)
3. Daniel Szenawa (Poland)
4. Andrius Tirevicius (Lithuania)
5. Stefan Probst (Austria)
6. Christian Ani (Germany)
7. Giancarlo Staffulani (Italy)

Sports Shorts Overall Winner:
Idriz Satarzadeh (Austria)

Classic up to 175cm:
1. Ronny Janke (Germany)
2. Gerdely Kóczán (Hungary)

Classic over 175cm:
1. Rene Blaschek (Austria)
2. David Meynet (France)
3. Laurent Caruso (France)
4. Mathias Mauerhofer (Austria)
5. Pontus Rone (Sweden)
6. Vytas Dielininkaitis (Lithuania)
7. Eliou Doumat (Austria)

Classic Overall Winner:
Rene Blaschek (Austria)

1. Tai Ben Baroh (Israel)
2. Matteo D'Isanto (Italy)

Masters Over 55:
1. Paul Rowe (United Kingdom)
2. Zdenek Braniš (Czech Republic)
3. Detlef Schmidt (Germany)
4. Tibor Román (Hungary)
5. Rimantas Lukošius (Lithuania)
6. Christian Steinlechner (Austria)

Masters Over 45:
1. Peter Jallitsch (Germany)
2. Thomas Jöchl (Austria)
3. Vilius Pranckevicius (Lithuania)
4. Gerald Lopéz (France)
5. Fabrice Moreau (France)
6. Franco Olivieri (Italy)
7. Péter Veligdán (Hungary)

Miss Toned Figure:
1. Julia Lackinger (Austria)
2. Leta Dagilyté (Lithuania)
3. Sandra Albrecht (Germany)
4. Martina Kovárová (Czech Republic)
5. Julia Schiefer (Austria)

Miss Athletic Figure:
1. Erika Kocsis-Kajati (Hungary)
2. Veronika Aschenbrenner (Slovakia)
3. Miriam Kabadas (Austria)
4. Anna Kret (Poland)
5. Valerie Persevalle (France)
6. Austé Atgalainyté (Lithuania)

Miss Trained Figure:
1. Sonja Mock (Austria) - PRO CARD
2. Elodie Moore (France)
3. Petra Kocková (Czech Republic)
4. Andrea Remšíková (Slovakia)
5. Ramona Przyborowski (Germany)

Men 3:
1. Ghislain Ponticaccia (France)
2. Florian Allmayer (Austria)
3. Miroslav Vrebac (Serbia)
4. Marek Švec (Slovakia)

Men 2:
1. Christian Buschle (Germany) - PRO CARD
2. Jaroslav Helvig (Czech Republic)
3. David Bartoš (Czech Republic)
4. Lenoed Hanez (Germany)
5. Adam Romanec (Slovakia)

Men 1:
1. Roman Kudej (Czech Republic)
2. Jaromír Prášek (Czech Republic)
3. Jirí Lasík (Czech Republic)
4. Mohamed Zaki (United Kingdom)
5. Albert Bauer (Austria)
6. Pavel Kostorek (Czech Republic)
7. Christian Prutean (Germany)

Figure Overall Winner:
Erika Koczis-Kajati (Hungary)

Men Amateurs Overall Winner:
Christian Buschle (Germany)

Men Pro Division:
1. Petr Kovár (Czech Republic)
2. Stanislav Cerman (Czech Republic)
3. Christian Buschle (Germany)
4. Simone Meiattini (Italy)

85 athletes took part making this the first major NABBA contest in Europe to take place during the difficult Corona virus period.

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