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Nick Jones: Hard Core Workout - 2 DVD set
Code: GMV-492DVD
Duration: 150 mins
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Nick Jones: Hard Core Workout - 2 DVD set

Also on Digital Download. 

With Australia’s #1 Amateur Bodybuilder!!

This is DVD #2 in our series on Nick - ROAD TO THE UNIVERSE.


Nick Jones’ full gym workout - no holds barred!! 150 hardcore, gut-busting minutes.

We followed Nick with our 2 cameras through each of his separate hardcore workouts. Nothing was staged for us as you see the actual weights and reps as used by Nick in the count-down to the Mr. Universe.

This is a unique fly-on-the-wall doco on what it is like at the top level of bodybuilding. He screams, grunts, groans and sweats - anything to lift those weights heavier, and to work out harder. He trains every body part to failure and beyond. When he gets his breath back, he talks after many of the exercises, spilling the beans on his secrets for success. This is one focussed and dedicated guy!!

We travel to the NABBA Universe in the UK to follow Nick back stage, and show all his rounds (including posing routine) on stage during the event. We see him pumping and posing poolside in Las Vegas over the Olympia weekend, and guest posing in Australia.

Shot over a 12 month period!! This is the most extensive and comprehensive workout DVD ever produced by GMV.

Extra scenes from 2 different camera angles, extensive photo gallery.

Nick Jones Complete Complete Contest History:

SABBA Adelaide Physique Classic, Teenage Class, 1st (first ever contest)
SABBA Teenage Mr. South Australia, 1st
NABBA Australian Championships, Teenage Class, 4th

Pro Hart Outback Classic, IFBB, Juniors, 1st

South Australian Titles, ANBF, Junior, Open and Overall Winner
Australian Titles, ANBF, Juniors, 1st place

Mr Gold Coast, IFBB, Middle weight and Overall Winner.

South Australia, SABBA, Open Short Class 1st, and Overall Winner
Australasia - NABBA, Class 4 Short, 3rd

South Australia, SABBA, Open Short Class 1st.
Australasia, NABBA, Class 4, 1st
Mr Universe - NABBA, Class 4 Short, 4th

South Australia, SABBA, Open Short Class, 1st and Overall Winner
Australasia, NABBA Class 4, 1st
Australasia, NABBA, Overall, 2nd
Mr Universe - NABBA, Class 4 Short, 3rd

South Australia, SABBA, Short Class 1st, and Overall Winner
Australasia, NABBA, Class 4, 1st
Australasia, NABBA, Overall Winner
Mr Universe - NABBA, Class 4 Short, 4th

Australia - NABBA, Overall Winner
Australia - NABBA, Class 4 Short, 1st
World Championships - NABBA, Class 4 Short, 1st (Charles Duca won Overall)

Mr Universe - NABBA, Class 4 Short, 6th

Australia - NABBA, Overall Winner
Australia - NABBA, Short, 1st
Mr Universe - NABBA, Class 4 Short, 2nd

Musclemania Worlds, Overall Winner
Musclemania Worlds, MiddleWeight, 1st

Musclemania Superbody, Professional, 6th

NPFC-IFBB All States Amateur Championships, Under 80Kg and Overall Winner
IFBB Australasia, Under 80Kg, 1st
IFBB Omara Invitational (WA), Overall Winner

This is DVD #2 in this series ROAD TO THE UNIVERSE.

Please click here for DVD #1 in this series which is ROAD TO THE UNIVERSE - THE SEMINAR, GMV-491DVD.

Running time for this 2 DVD set GMV-492DVD: 150 mins


Nick Jones awesome foursome DVD Deal!

Nick Jones: Road to the Universe - The Seminar          Nick Jones - Mr Personality - Workout, Posing, Contest, Interview                    NICK JONES: NATURAL REINVENTION - 2 DISC SET

Buy all 4 Nick Jones DVDs and SAVE - Click here

For pics of Nick Jones from our Gallery click here.

From Down Under - Nick Jones of Australia wins the 2006 Musclemania Worlds.  
He came to Hollywood as a virtual unknown to most established Musclemania competitors.  And, even at the Weigh-In's, nobody really gave much notice to the Aussie middleweight.  Sure, you could see he had good shape and nice muscle bellies, but it wasn't until you saw him on stage next to the other competitors that Nick Jones came to life and captured the judges attention.  The 32 year old Gen-Tec nutrition company manufacturer had just won the Musclemania Australia four weeks earlier.  But, Nick has been competing for over 10 years throughout Australia and internationally, so he knows how to condition his physique while maintaining good muscle volume and classic symmetry. 
And, it was muscle definition that won Nick the overall title at Musclemania World in a razor thin, double round vote among the other weight classes beating out BW Tony Montalbano (Britain), LW Roderick Ternida (Philippines), LHW Bobby Wagner (USA) and HW Rob Terry (Britain).  Unfortunately, some favorites went home disappointed including '06 MM Britain Andrew "Mezza" Merrifield who went home quite angry saying he should have won his class and New England star Roger Morello who may not have made the Top 5 cut but grabbed two sports modeling jobs out of his appearance at Model America.  All announced and current results are official following the posted urinalysis test reports.

Check out Nick's own supplements range at Gen-Tec -

* Available in NTSC DVD, OPEN REGION

Nick recently won the overall 2006 Musclemania Worlds in Los Angeles. Here is a photo of that victory and some photos taken on the day after.

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